At CAS, we put sustainability centre-stage, balancing People, Planet and Profit. We are committed to innovation and investing in sustainable solutions for creating exhibition stands. We critically review each step of the process, from design to assembly on-site.

Using materials and finishes that minimise our environmental footprint is our utmost priority. Our aim is to choose reusable materials and develop cradle-to-cradle solutions.

Efficient logistics, well thought-out work methods and active waste reduction are embedded in our management processes. This is our way of ensuring we deliver high-quality stands while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability also plays a key role in our internal operations. The electricity we use is generated by solar panels; our business premises are heated using renewable sources; we provide charging points to encourage the use of electric cars and we invest in sustainable equipment, to give just a few examples.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At CAS, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms an integral part of our company policies. We are on our way to achieving the EcoVadis Gold rating. EcoVadis is a leading platform that objectively assesses the extent to which we achieve our objectives in terms of both environmental and social sustainability.

We also proactively support customers and suppliers on their CSR journey.

Ongoing innovation and investment in new developments allow us to minimise our environmental footprint, without compromising the high quality our customers expect from us. CAS is always seeking to improve working conditions and invests in training for its workforce. Sustainable employability is a key HR priority and it therefore gives us a great sense of pride that our employees choose to commit to our company for years, if not decades!

CAS is committed to sustainability and will continue its efforts to generate a positive impact, whether within our business or when collaborating with customers, suppliers and industry partners.