At CAS Exhibition Partners we think together with our clients. We are committed to finding solutions that benefit the environment and our planet as a whole. Sustainability is has a high priority at CAS. 

We are always looking to initiate a sustainable relationship with our customers, because we are convinced that this will lead to the best results. The better you know each other, the more you can get a sense of what is possible together. We would like to invest in that side of our relationship with clients.

The sustainable investments that we make are predominantly ‘green’. CAS knows that the world doesn’t end after we are gone. We don’t just think that way, but it’s the way we act. We recycle as many materials as possible and even entire displays and stands. Why should we be a burden on the environment when we can give beautiful creations a new life? Our company also runs entirely on sustainable energy as 100% green electricity and CO2 compensated gas.

We also use as many materials as possible that are of no harm to the environment and provide smart solutions for transporting the stands. A good example of green-logistics is our collaboration with the OSPI network.

Are you thinking about participating at an exhibition on the other side of the world? CAS will design the stand and will make sure the stand is built by reliable and trusted partners. This all happens under the scrutiny of are very own project managers. 

We will provide an established partner nearby the town or city where your exhibition will be taking place. This will not only save you a lot of money, but it will also save fossil fuels by reducing the logistics involved.