CAS Exhibition Partners is currently celebrating her 50th birthday this year. It was founded by the ‘C’ in CAS, namely Mr. Jeu Canjels and has been a proud family-run company ever since.

CAS is established in Venlo, an ideal location to provide our services at exhibitions through the whole of Europe.

CAS is a well-respected company in this branch. We have a team of 65 people, we can make a difference. We design, produce and build 400 projects each year. We do this on a global scale; from Amsterdam via Miami to Sydney. 

We do what we do with an infectious enthusiasm and we distinguish ourselves with: 

  • Passionate professionals with knowledge tested in practice
  • A design team consisting of 6 designers, each with their own individual insight, approach and style
  • All the components necessary to successfully attend exhibitions are ‘in house’ : design, project-management, installation and disassembly, graphic design, a carpentry shop, and logistics including storage
  • Account management with a personal approach
  • A self-developed line of rental parts for efficient cost control
  • Our reliable global network of partners

CAS is a modern company with an own carpentry shop, paint shop, an electronics department and a graphic studio. 

With a well organised logistics team and a wide-range of storage possibilities we have an authentic ‘one stop shop’ approach with plenty of added value.