CAS Exhibition Partners provides comprehensive support from start to finish. We see this as part of the service; these are our high standards as our clients are never ’standard’. There are several additional services we can happily take care of:

  • Transport of your stand or booth to the exhibition centre where your company will be represented
  • Assembly of your stand or booth in the exhibition centre
  • Disassembly of your stand or booth following conclusion of the exhibition
  • Storage of your stand or booth until needed at the next exhibition you have planned
  • Advice and practical assistance with all your exhibition sales and orders
  • Service during exhibitions
  • Special merchandise support
  • Exhibition training

We guarantee our own high standards with these extra services all of which will be performed with the greatest care an attention. At CAS, it gives us a great amount of fulfilment knowing that we can completely relieve our clients of all the stress and pressure that are inherent with preparing for exhibitions. CAS cares about her clients and CAS takes care of her client’s needs.