Guerbet’s corporate showroom at the most prestigious medical congress in France. A strong representation of their portfolio and a warm welcome for customers with typical French courtesy...

A project on behalf of Team Hoynk design and project management, it resulted in their highly impressive pavilion at the K exhibition fair in Düsseldorf.

Bucher Glass showcased innovative production at the industry’s most prominent glass fair. The stand used new technology that clearly improves production. In a blink of an eye it easy to see what demands your attention.

Toshiba Medical benefits from a prominent place at the most important medical congress in France. 
Founding principles are: inviting, overview and power. A perfect piece of branding!

The stand’s design perfectly encompasses the prominent theme…’Join our Journey’; a journey without boundaries…everything is possible…discover new horizons with Borealis.

This is a showroom of the very highest quality. It is a true reflection of the ‘Amels’ name. In a fitting show of style and grace, the Amels company provide the ultimate welcome to those visitors interested their yachts. CAS is a constant companion to Amels, producing the same high-quality all over the world.

A warm welcome combined with an overview. Borsodchem wants to show their products clearly and comprehensively without the products dominating the stand. Display cabinets on the walls exhibit their diversity and target groups.

An eye-catching yet logical product presentation with a clear, corporate signature, where separate company divisions come to the fore. All demonstrations of high-quality, technical know-how and trust.

A new and very deliberate corporate identity as a template for participation at fairs and exhibitions. Instantly recognisable with high-quality appearance. Typical Animo.

A prestigious stage for innovative products. Spacious and with a clear overview it also incorporates a high-level of customer service.

Wabtec’s participation at this exhibition, offers the perfect meeting place for the global players in this branch. It is a true reflection of Wabtec’s position as the leading partner.

Toshiba’s most prominent presence at exhibitions. Toshiba uses the ECR to annually showcase their most important innovation.