An eye-catching yet logical product presentation with a clear, corporate signature, where separate company divisions come to the fore. All demonstrations of high-quality, technical know-how and trust.

Guerbet’s corporate showroom at the most prestigious medical congress in France. A strong representation of their portfolio and a warm welcome for customers with typical French courtesy...

Bucher Glass showcased innovative production at the industry’s most prominent glass fair. The stand used new technology that clearly improves production. In a blink of an eye it easy to see what demands your attention.

A prestigious stage for innovative products. Spacious and with a clear overview it also incorporates a high-level of customer service.

This is a showroom of the very highest quality. It is a true reflection of the ‘Amels’ name. In a fitting show of style and grace, the Amels company provide the ultimate welcome to those visitors interested their yachts. CAS is a constant companion to Amels, producing the same high-quality all over the world.

A new and very deliberate corporate identity as a template for participation at fairs and exhibitions. Instantly recognisable with high-quality appearance. Typical Animo.

A project on behalf of Team Hoynk design and project management, it resulted in their highly impressive pavilion at the K exhibition fair in Düsseldorf.