Elevate your brand

How CAS works

CAS has developed a clear process for delivering successful projects, based on years of experience and up-to-date insights. Close cooperation between our departments and dedicated support from our global event manager and project manager ensure our customers achieve their goals.

On this journey, our customer’s brief is our guiding light. We are much more than a stand builder – we are an integral part of our customer’s communication strategy. Our extensive experience enables us to partner with you when setting your communication objectives so as to ensure a sustainable brand experience. We help to make brands tangible, delivering live communication at its best.

We prepare our projects by creating detailed schedules, which work back from the opening day of a trade show as the key deadline and are shaped by agreed milestones. All projects start with an in-house kick-off session that involves all team members. This kick-off session looks at all aspects of the project, with the aim of avoiding surprises during the process as much as possible.

Powerful design

CAS generates exciting ideas, concepts and designs for stands and events. Our in-house design department has five talented designers, each with their own distinctive style, creative ideas and specialist area.

Our impressive track record means we have built up a wealth of experience in the design of trade show solutions that just work. Our aim is to achieve the perfect balance between attractive design and well-considered functionality.

Multiple large international businesses from a range of industries have previously chosen CAS and put their trust in our know-how and innovative approach to the design and assembly of exhibition stands.

We go beyond exhibition stands

CAS builds around 400 stands each year, taking its expertise from Amsterdam to Sydney and from Atlanta to Stavanger.

But we don’t stop there. Our offering includes many other services to support our customers, such as roadshows, customer events, showroom and museum interiors and the design and manufacture of office displays. The possibilities are endless.

CAS also has an extensive central storage facility that enables us to help our customers by providing options for the storage of trade show materials. Our customers are always free to choose whether they wish to purchase or hire a stand. Customers who choose to purchase their stand will be offered storage support for their trade show materials.

Global network

CAS is a proud partner in OSPI, the world’s largest and most sustainable network of exhibition builders. Octanorm Service Partner International, or OSPI for short, unites a global team of experts that deliver high-quality products around the globe.

This professional network has a total of 120 reliable partners in 43 countries. Our partners help us to deliver on our promise to our customers by providing end-to-end support, from planning to completion.

OSPI is a network you can rely on, anywhere in the world!