we are cas

Our history

Established, more than 50 years ago, as a local advertising agency, CAS evolved in the leading exhibition house it is now. A team of 65 experts thrives CAS onward persueing to make that difference. Every day.

CAS designs and builds innovative stands for well-known companies. Worldwide.

We are always working to improve ourselves, having an open mind to become better. We invest in innovative software, streamline our production processes and are keen to introduce smarter ways to manage our projects.

We meet your expectations. Always in time!

Palpable communication

We shape your brand.

We do not only design and build exhibition stands. We help our clients to realize their ambitions and  expectations. Mastering and ducking the hurdles of the preparations together.

CAS looks after their clients and make them look good.

We promise that we deliver. Always!

CAS can make these claims because we have all the important standbuilding disciplines under one roof;

  • A design department with 6 good designers, all with an individual approach.
  • An experienced project management team that is at home at all venues in the world.
  • A workshop for carpentry, metalcraft, lighting, cabling and electronics.
  • A modern paintshop.
  • The warehouse is spacious and well-equipped for logistics, storage and warehousing.
  • An internal graphic department for creation and production.

Awareness for our world

We care for our world. Our circular way of thinking makes sure that our impact on the world is minimal: No unnecessary waste and clever use of materials.

Re-use of elements and raw materials is important to us. It is crucial for all of us to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. We are happy to contribute here.

Global performace

Venlo – Amsterdam – Dusseldorf – Munich – London – Oslo– Brussels – Paris –Geneva –Madrid – Lisbon – Milan– Prague – Moskow – Istanbul – Riyad – Abu Dhabi – Bangkok – Tokyo – Dublin  – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Jakarta Monaco – Sydney – Berlin – Singapore – Cape town – Rio de Janeiro – Copenhagen – Sao Paulo – Mexico city – Manchester – Shenzhen – Barcelona – New Orleans – Dubai – Mumbai – Las Vegas– Rome –Vienna – Washington – Miami – San Francisco – Baltimore Budapest – New York -Birmingham –  Montreal – Frankfurt – St Petersburg – Manilla –  Stavanger – Baku – Hannover – Helsinki – Athens – Kiev

Piece of mind

CAS truly works worldwide. We design, manage and build ourselves centrally from our offices in Belfeld, The Netherlands.

We do this with our partners in the worldwide OSPI network.

This gives peace of mind. It is that particular feeling which is of utmost importance to our clients in the course of preparations towards an event.