About CAS

Since 1967

A proud, family-run business

CAS is a proud family-run business with deep-rooted values. The company was established in 1967 by Jeu Canjels and is led today by his son and successor, Niels.

CAS started out as a one-man decorating business and over time developed into a modern, full-service stand-builder delivering projects around the world.

What sets us apart is that we bring together all disciplines for stand creation under the same roof:

  • A design studio with 5 experienced and gifted designers
  • A competent and passionate global event and project management team
  • Fully equipped workshops for woodworking, electrical works and metalworking
  • A state-of-the-art paint shop
  • A graphics department for design and production
  • A large, sophisticated logistics department with 12,500 m2 of storage space
  • Our own experienced assembly and disassembly teams

This allows us to guarantee a consistent quality and go the extra mile whenever needed. At CAS, we aim to bring our customer’s vision to life, wherever their project might be in the world.


We create trade show solutions that represent quality, confidence and pride.


The pillars of the CAS expertise are design, craftsmanship, project management, global service and partnership. Our strengths really sparkle when pursued collectively.

Our people

Our 70 dedicated employees are at the heart of our business. It is their passion, knowledge, skill and experience that help us to achieve the highest quality time and time again.

We also have a flexible pool of regular freelancers, each with their own unique knowledge and skills, whom we can bring in if needed. They work alongside their CAS colleagues to bring any project to a successful conclusion.

For projects in Asia and South America, we engage carefully selected global partners. We have a long-standing relationship with each and every one of them, which means that we can always rely on their expertise, quality and service. Led by a CAS global event manager, they will also ensure an optimal build, every time.

Strategically located

CAS has its business premises in Belfeld, near Venlo, the logistical heart of the Netherlands. This is an ideal strategic location as it gives easy access to European exhibition centres.

All of these can be reached within 45 minutes and 15 hours. For our overseas projects, we are also within striking distance of a number of international airports and ports.

Our central location with its excellent transport links enables us to work efficiently and effectively, while continually aiming to excel in customer experience and project delivery.

Our core values

No nonsense

No nonsense forms a fundamental part of our identity, our company culture and our way of doing business. At CAS, we do as we say and tell it like it is.


Our company culture and reputation are grounded in reliability. Customers can rely on CAS because we don’t believe in hollow promises. We are honest about our capabilities and what we can achieve. We do not make false promises to our customers.


Creativity is the lifeblood of our company and characterises how we think and act. We are always looking for new and distinctive ways to present brands at their very best. Our passion for creativity manifests itself in the original exhibition designs we create. We embrace innovative designs and materials to develop unique and extraordinary trade show concepts for our customers. All of these are made possible by our traditional craftsmanship, which adds a touch of authenticity to all our creative endeavours.


Craftsmanship is crucial to us as a family-run business. It reflects our level of expertise and our dedication and care in stand creation. We believe that craftsmanship is at the core of everything we do, from the design to the final construction of every stand. It is how we safeguard the quality of our work, customer satisfaction and our ability to breathe life into creative, original designs.